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Suzanne DeLaurentiis' Viewing Gala & Veterans Awards +

Martin Guigui's 9/11 Movie Screening +

Kids in the Spotlight Awards Show / Kitsinc.org

Flicks4Change.org Film Festival +

CalabasasFilmFestival.com +

Worldz.us Conference +

Celebrities, Communities & Businesses +

More Celebrity Events & Memories​ +

HollywoodSciFi.org Museum Celebrity Fundraisers 

(Graphic Design, Writing, Marketing, Promotions, PR, Media, Social Media, Fundraising, & Photography)

BringHollywoodHome.org Celebrity Concert Fundraisers

(Graphic Design, Writing, Marketing, Promotions, PR, Media, Social Media, Fundraising, & Photography)

http://www.tracysaundersart.com/Bring-Hollywood-Home-Events +

http://www.diamondsmirror.com/bring-hollywood-homes-wants-to-save-la-la-land  +

http://www.diamondsmirror.com/bring-hollywood-home-takes-center-stage +

Artisfactions.com Celebrity Arts Fundraiser for Bring Hollywood Home, Veterans & The Boys & Girls Clubs

(Creator, Director, Producer, Designer, Promoter, PR, & Media)

BeverlyHillsTennis.com Celebrity Charity Tournament

(Press & Media, Marketing, Social Media, & Photography)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Cn8aXcJv0 +

http://latinoweeklyreview.com/?p=292430 +


ReelCowboys.org Celebrity Fundraisers 

(Press & Media, Marketing, Social Media, & Photography)

Soiree With Angels Celebrity Arts Fundraiser

(Press & Media, Event Staff, Marketing, & Photography)

CelebritySociety.com Magazine Fundraisers & Events

(Design, Marketing, Promotions, & Photography)

http://CelebritySociety.com/CS_On_the_Scene +


Bring Hollywood Home Foundation
Hollywood Science Fiction Museum
Celebrity Society
Bring Hollywood Home Foundation
Kids in the Spotlight

BringHollywoodHome.org Foundation Benefit Concert Performers = Front row, left to right: Rob Stone, Michele Winick, Whitney Avalon, Sharon Jimenez, Scott Page, & Willis Turner

Back row: John Burk, Christopher Ameruoso, Gregory Douglas, Austin Hanks, Chad Hollister, Cal Bennett, Martin Guigui, Kenny Aronoff, & Mike Merrit (Photo by Tracy Saunders)

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