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bring elements together to formulate tangible & visionary results, combing art with business, to raise community awareness for artists, individuals, companies, celebrities, non-profit organizations, & charity events. Depending on your needs, Artisfactions offers Design, Writing, Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Events, & Photography Services. Tracy Saunders is's &'s Founder & CEO & is also an Advisory Board Member for

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has 6,000 + Original Photos & Gifts for Purchase (Prints, Giclées, Mousepads, Mugs, etc.) for the Office, Home, Birthdays, Holidays, & Special Celebrations.

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to set an appointment or for more information on photography + services. Please call for sponsorship or media opportunities for celebrity fundraisers & special events.​​ also works with:


​​​​​​'s Port Folio: Museum Educational Foundation 

(Graphic Design, Writing, Marketing, Promotions, PR, Media, Social Media, Fundraiser Event Staff, & Photography)

Coalition for Engaged Education (, &  All-Star Band's Celebrity Concert Benefit to Keep Entertainment Jobs in California by increasing Tax Incentives

(Graphic Design, Writing, Marketing, Promotions, PR, Media, Social Media, Fundraiser Event Staff, & Photography) +  +  + + Celebrity Arts Fundraiser for Bring Hollywood Home, Veterans & The Boys & Girls Clubs

(Creator, Director, Producer, Designer, Promoter, PR, & Media)

​ Celebrity Charity Tournament

(Press & Media, Photography, Social Media, & Event Staff)  + Celebrity Fundraisers 

(Press & Media, Photography, Social Media, & Event Staff)

Soiree With Angels Celebrity Arts Fundraiser

(Press & Media, Photography, & Event Assistant)

Celebrity Society Magazine

(Design, Marketing, Promotions, & Photography)​ +​​ +

Celebrities & Friends Photos

Bring Hollywood Home Foundation Photos & Gifts
Hollywood Science Fiction Museum
Hollywood Science Fiction Museum

6,000 + Photos & Gifts

Express Your World

+ Photos & Gifts
Celebrity Society
Hollywood Science Fiction Museum
Bring Hollywood Home Foundation